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Early Learning Environments

Every child needs and deserves to be physically and emotionally safe everywhere they are – from the actual places of families, schools, neighborhoods and communities to the virtual places of media – and to have an appropriate balance of structured, supervised activities and unstructured, unscheduled time.  Sometimes that is in an Early Learning Environment.


Thriving Families Alliance provides preschool support grants, supports quality childcare incentives, and childcare consultation to ensure that our littlest community members are safe. Economic experts say mounting evidence shows that investments in early care and education should be considered as an economic development strategy. A recent longitudinal study found a return to society of more than $17 for every $1 invested in an early care and education program. For more information about this, visit:

Looking for childcare or support in starting a quality early learning environment, contact Child Care Resource and Referral

Early Childhood Iowa

Iowa's Vision: "Every child, beginning at birth, will be healthy and successful."

Nothing transforms a home – and the people in it – quite like the arrival of a new baby. All parents need support during this transition. For families facing the additional hurdles of being young, single, or low income, help in making needed adjustments is all the more critical to ensure that families grow and thrive.

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