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Advocacy and Awareness

Prevent Child Abuse

Child Abuse Prevention

Every child deserves to grow up with a healthy mind, strong community, and safe and healthy family.

Social supports and caring connections strengthen families, weaken the negative outcomes of childhood trauma and reduce the risk of child abuse or neglect. That is why the Thriving Families Alliance works to foster connections, help communities to come together, and leverage resources to end the cycle of child abuse and neglect in our community.


Prevent Child Abuse Committees

Through local efforts, including the Prevent Child Abuse Pottawattamie County Committee, we collaborate to ensure that all children will be healthy and safe from child maltreatment.  By focusing on early access to concrete supports, evidence-based parenting support, and social supports for families, children’s exposure to toxic stress is reduced and protective factors are increased.


Community Partnerships for Protecting Children (CPPC)

The Community Partnerships for Protecting Children (CPPC) approach starts with the premise that children’s safety depends on strong families, and strong families depend on connections with a broad range of people, organizations, and community institutions.  The Community Partnership approach involves four key strategies; shared decision making, neighborhood networking, individualized course of action, and policy and practice change, which are implemented together to achieve desired results.

Areas Served:

  • Pottawattamie County

  • Cass, Mills, and Montgomery Counties

  • Harrison, Monona, and Shelby Counties

  • Fremont, Page, and Taylor Counties

Policy and Practice

The Thriving Families Alliance looks at how families experience our community and try to make those systems more helpful.  Together, we find where different decisions might affect families and children in more positive ways.  We look to improve policies and practices to reduce barriers and increase accessibility and relevance of services that lead to positive family outcomes.

  • Blend the work and expertise of professionals and community members.

  • Bolstering supports for vulnerable families and children.

  • Protect children through culture shifts and improvements to practices and policies.


Our work with the Association of Early Childhood Area Boards and Advocates (AECIABA) brings together Early Childhood Iowa Area Boards and advocates that support young children across the state of Iowa. The Association coordinates the advocacy of the various Area Boards, individuals and organizations that support our work to ensure law makers make funding and policy decisions informed by both science and the reality on the ground for young children and those that care for them.

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