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Thriving Families Alliance works together through interagency and cross-discipline collaboration to better coordinate efforts to effectively address the needs of children and families.

Child and Family Resource Network

Whether you are a first-time parent or have older kids, family support can help you in these ways: Healthy Kids, Support to You, Access to support and community resources.  You give everything to raise healthy kids, we give our support to you. Family support services help you build your child’s skills and make the most out of life's little moments.

We connect with free family support programs that serve families with kids ages 0-5 and pregnant women in Southwest Iowa. Each program meets different needs and has specific requirements to participate. We use your information to determine which programs will work best for you, so you don’t have to sort through all of these options on your own.  

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Harrison, Monona, and Shelby County Hub

The hub is a three-county collaboration that will focus on supporting children and families, increasing prevention, decreasing referrals to the child protective systems, and decreasing out-of-home placements. The collaborative will create a platform that will act as a communication catalyst, or central information exchange, establishing and strengthening relationships, identifying gaps and barriers, and finding solutions. ​

The mission of the HMS Hub is to create new resource paths of communication and reduce trauma for children and families of Harrison, Monona, and Shelby counties by expanding protective factors through increased service connections.

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Harrison, Monona,

and Shelby County Hub

Coordinating Services

Coordination of services refers to the centralized process by which multiple services and supports, often provided by multiple agencies, are synchronized to address the needs and strengths of each child, youth, or family. This process commonly follows a strength-based child and family team approach to develop a service plan. Coordination of services for families involved in child welfare may occur through methods such as Family Group Decision-Making, Team Decision-Making, wraparound, case management, and care coordination.

Thriving Families Alliance implements the Board’s plan for funding of services through the development and implementation of service contracts that comply with Agency policy and procedure.

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