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About Us

Thriving Families Alliance is an umbrella organization that oversees state and local initiatives in Pottawattamie County. By working together through interagency and cross-discipline collaboration we can better coordinate efforts to effectively address the needs of children and families.

Thriving Families Alliance also provides board administration and oversight for the following:

  • Fremont, Page, Taylor Counties Decategorizaiton/CPPC Board

  • Harrison, Monona, Shelby Counties Decategorizaiton/CPPC Board

  • Harrison, Monona, Shelby Counties Early Childhood Board

Thriving Families Alliance mission is to empower a caring community that promises the
well-being of every child.


Together we hope to mobilize all of Pottawattamie County and empower people to share resources to fill the Five Promises for all children. Research shows – and experience proves – that children need five fundamental resources in order to thrive:

Caring Adults

Every child and youth needs and deserves support and guidance from caring adults in their families, schools and communities, including ongoing, secure relationships with parents and other family adults, as well as multiple and consistent formal and informal positive relationships with teachers, mentors, coaches, youth volunteers and neighbors.

The 5 Promises


We're working towards the following:

  • All children have secure and nurturing families

  • All children and youth are healthy

  • Children enter school ready to succeed

  • Children and youth are successful in school

  • Youth are prepared for productive adulthood

  • Communities are safe and supportive

  • All children and youth are connected to their community

History of Thriving Families Alliance:​

  • 1993 Conducted planning with stakeholders group to explore Child Welfare Decategorization.

  • 1993 Established Decategorization (Decat) Governance Board and became a pilot site.

  • 1994 Redirected Decategorized Child Welfare dollars to divert families from the formal child protection or juvenile justice systems in collaboration with public, private and community agencies.

  • 1998 Conducted series of community planning sessions for early childhood and developed Community Empowerment Plan.

  • 1998 Received designation as a Community Empowerment site.

  • 1998 Established Community Empowerment Board and formed an agreement with Decat Board to share Coordinator and implemented early childhood programs.

  • 2005 Redesignated as a Community Empowerment Area.

  • 2005 Held joint planning session with Decat and Community Empowerment to adopt America’s Promise framework and established Promise Partners as an umbrella organization.

  • 2005 Promise Partners designated as a Community Partnerships for Protecting Children (CPPC) site.

  • 2006 Promise Partners designated as a Community of Promise.

  • 2007 Promise Partners received national recognition as “100 Best Community for Young People” by America’s Promise.

  • 2007 Promise Partners became a 501(3)c incorporated non-profit.

  • 2008 Joint planning sessions to evaluate organizational structure.

  • 2008 Approved plan to fully integrate Decat and Community Empowerment Boards into one Promise Partners Governance Board.

  • 2009 Received redesignation for three more years through Iowa Community Empowerment.

  • 2009 A single integrated Promise Partners Governance Board is formed to oversee initiatives and funding for children 0-21 in Pottawattamie County. 

  • 2013 Coordinated Intake System built, created, and launched.

  • 2019 Promise Partners expands to provide board administration and support to Harrison, Monona, Shelby, Fremont, Page, and Taylor Counties.

  • 2021 Promise Partners rebrands name to Thriving Families Alliance.

  • 2022 Promise Partners expands to provide board administration and support to Montgomery, Monona, and Cass Counties

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