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About Us

Thriving Families Alliance mission is to empower a caring community that promises the
well-being of every child.


Thriving Families Alliance is an umbrella organization that oversees state and local initiatives in Southwest Iowa. By working together through interagency and cross-discipline collaboration we can better coordinate efforts to effectively address the needs of children and families.

Thriving Families Alliance provides board administration and oversight for the following:

Nurturing & Attachment

A child's early experiences of being nurtured and bonded with a caregiver are critical to development.  Attachment and bonding start in the womb and continue throughout childhood. Research shows that consistent nurturing is a biological requirement.  Studies have shown that children who have received affection and nurturing from their caregiver from the start are more likely to have a healthy development.  They are also more likely to get better grades, have healthier behaviors, and positive social relationships, as well as be better able to cope with stress later in life.  

Protective Factors


We're working towards the following:

  • All children have secure and nurturing families

  • All children and youth are healthy

  • Children enter school ready to succeed

  • Children and youth are successful in school

  • Youth are prepared for productive adulthood

  • Communities are safe and supportive

  • All children and youth are connected to their community

History of Thriving Families Alliance

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