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Our local board is comprised of the required health, education, human services, elected official, faith, business, consumer, citizen members, as well as representatives of the Department of Human Services and Juvenile Court Services respectively, and officials with the authority to represent county governments.

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Board Members:

Carol Vinton 

Chair - Mills County


Sue Petersen 

Vice-Chair - Cass County


John Baker 

Secretary - Montgomery County


Melissa Nation

Iowa Department of Human Services


Mindy Johnson  

Iowa Juvenile Court Services


Julie Williamson

Cass County


Steve Baier

Cass County


Dr. Rob Peterson

Cass County 


Bianka Honeyman

Mills County


Ann Staiert

Mills County


Brady Smith

Mills County


Kathy Walker

Montgomery County


Michael Olsen

Montgomery County

Samantha Beeson

Montgomery County 


Board Minutes

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Together we can make a difference.

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